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I highly recommend Dr. Acosta for his fine, professional work. I have had some very extensive work done, and I can say his technique is state of the art. His office staff is friendly and courteous. Susan Schenck

Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor and Beyond Broccoli. Susan is an American Expat (San Diego, California) living in Cuenca Ecuador since 2010. February 2012.

I first heard about Dr. Jose Acosta from some expats that live in Cuenca.  I checked his web site and watched his video on You Tube before contacting him via email.  Dr. Acosta has about 30 years experience as a practicing dentist.  I needed either an upper partial or implants.  After careful study, Dr. Acosta recommended that I get a bone graft and 6 implants.  I accepted his recommendation and he performed the procedures that afternoon. 

Dr. Acosta will be taking the impressions and making the crowns for my implants in about 3 months time.  I highly recommend Dr. Acosta to anyone.  He speaks fluent English and his office is well equipped and he works in a very sterile environment. – Fred Gharis

Fred Gharis, born and raised in Dallas, Texas and still live in the area. February 2012.

A number of dentists were brought to my attention by various expat friends. I initially chose Dr. Acosta from among the referred dentists, because while all the referrals came well recommended, Dr. Acosta was in close proximity to where I live on the west side of Cuenca, and I was told he spoke fluent English.

Dr. Acosta is friendly, and at the same time he is no nonsense as he plies his dental skills.  I appreciate his equipment that allows me to see exactly what the problem is in my dental work, and what options and recommendations he offers to me to repair the problem.  Dr. Acosta is highly skilled and trained, and comes from a long tradition of following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather in the field of dentistry.  I was also able to meet his young son, who also intends to follow in his father’s footsteps as well.  No doubt this family tradition manifests itself in Dr. Acosta’s pride and high quality in the dental work he provides.

Quite frankly, Dr. Acosta is the best and most effective dentist I have ever had in my lifetime.  He recently provided me with two new crowns, which was important to me as I had major fillings replaced, and hope to avoid later need for root canal or dental partials. I have always had a gap between my two front teeth, and he did a beautiful job of cosmetic makeover in rectifying the problem.  I am now returning to have a thirty year old metal crown replace.  As luck would have it, the adjoining tooth which also had a large filling resulted in my breaking more enamel from the tooth when I bit into something hard, so both teeth are in the process of receiving crowns.  The crowns have expertly been molded to allow my plates to feel comfortable.

While Dr. Acosta has many Ecuadorian patients, his clientele is growing among the expat community. As I know a number of friends, and acquaintances from the Expat community who use his services, and all with whom I have spoken have been highly satisfied with his work.  I highly recommend Dr. Acosta to you for his excellent services. – Jim Mola

Jim Mola, from Chicago, USA. Living in Cuenca since 2011. Check Jim’s blog. February 2012.



13 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Herbert says:

    Love the blog

  2. Richard says:

    This review is for anyone considering Dr. Jose Acosta. I am an American living in the USA, a business owner, and usually would never write a review about an establishment. I can personally say that he is worth a trip to Ecuador for your dental needs. Not only did I save a lot of money, but he is genuinely caring and does great work. I saved around $7,000, which does not include the other issues I had going on that the American dentist did not even see. And on top of all that he is just a really cool guy and if you do not speak Spanish he speaks very good English. So seriously jump on a plane, get your dental work done and take a vacation cheaper than you could just do the dental work in the states for. And yes his facility is very professional.

  3. I live in Canada but visit Ecuador regularly. When I was in Cuenca in April I consulted Dr. Acosta about my dental needs. He had me have MRI’s (as I had already done twice before in Canada) and then sat down with me on two different occasions to explain my needs and his suggested solutions. His explanations re my options were very clear. I consulted people at home and then decided that I wanted to pursue treatment with Dr. Acosta. My decision was not based entirely on a dollar figure. I genuinely felt Dr. Acosta was the best person to do the job. I knew that he had had over twenty years of regular implanting experience. I checked out references.

    I am very grateful to Dr. Acosta and his assistant (and son in law)Dr. Andreas Vega for the hugely marvelous job they did on my heavily restored teeth on Nov. 29, 2014. In less than three hours they installed a total of nine implants in my upper and lower arches. This was no small job. These two doctors deftly worked together to accomplish the job with very little discomfort to me. It was all done under local anaesthetic. Dr. Acosta was the main implant installer while Dr. Vegas, a periodontist and an endodontist, monitored my gums and bone needs. Both Drs. made sure that my jaw was rested and that I felt very little strain during the lengthy procedure.

    After the this day I saw Dr. Acosta almost daily for two weeks until I returned to my home.

    It has been about seven weeks since my procedure. My gums etc. have healed beautifully. I am looking forward to returning to Cuenca to have one bridge and several crowns completed by Dr. Acosta.

    At this point in time I am absolutely thrilled with my procedure. I look forward to getting the work completed. I know I will have a gorgeous smile.

    Thank you so much, Dr Acosta and Dr. Vega

    Dorothy Stroppa

  4. Gail Gregory says:

    I have never really minded going to a dentist, but it was not my favorite thing to do! However, after going to the offices of Dr. Pamela Acosta, Dr. Jose Acosta and Dr. Andres Vega it has become a pleasant experience. I was treated more like family than a patient and I actually looked forward to the visits!
    I needed extensive and difficult work done on my upper front teeth. It was not considered completed until I was completely satisfied; I was contacted at home on more than one occasion to ensure my comfort. I have been completely satisfied with the work and feel comfortable knowing they used high quality products in my mouth. I cannot recommend their offices enough. Gail Gregory

  5. Flor de Maria Viteri says:

    We would like to express our appreciation, and recognition toward Doctor Acosta, and Doctor Pamela Acosta for its professional service, kindness, and patience fixing our denture. They did an outstanding job, making us feel very comfortable, and well treated.
    We live in USA, getting Doctor Acosta professional background through the Internet, and when we visited him in his office, everything was the same as the advertise posted.
    Thanks Dr. Jose Acosta, and Dr. Pamela Acosta. Thanks to the Staff too. Everyone work as a great team! We were very satisfied with the job done, specially for Fernando for its upper front teeth, and lower teeth fixed.
    We highly recommend the family Acosta’s Dentists for its expertise, and professional dedication to make happy clients.

    Maximo, Flor & Fernando

  6. Shanna Frye says:

    Thank you so much! My husband broke his tooth today about 4:30 p.m. I called your office and he was sitting in the dentist chair at 6 p.m. He had a short and painless visit and his filling looks great! Thank you.

  7. Vivian says:

    hi, i live in guayaquil and i am searching for a good english speaking dentist in Guayaquil. could you recommend someone to me?

  8. Dorothy Stroppa says:

    Follow up comment:

    It has been two years since Dr. Acosta did my nine implants. Since the initial
    procedure Dr. Acosta has completed crowning the implants and doing an additional number of strengthening crowns in my mouth. I continue to be pleased with my lovely restored teeth. Dr. Acosta is a real dental professional.

    • Jose Acosta says:

      Dear Dorothy:

      Thank you for your coments. We try to do our best, we have kept the dental tradition for over 100 years in our family and our goal has been to give what our patients need in the best way. I followed my Grandfather and my Father, now I’m trying to give my knowledge to my sons and go ahead with this nobel profesion

  9. Bruce Schultz says:

    There are not enough superlatives in English (or Spanish) that I know to adequately describe how truly professional and caring the dental care at the Ecuador Dental Care facility provides.

    From the minute you walk in the door you are treated with special care for your dental needs by the Acosta family – third & fourth generation dentists Jose, Pamela and Andres are wonderful caring dental professionals and their facility is top notch and state of the art.

    My issues were fairly complex; several implants and bridge work which I had received very large cost estimates from two different USA dental facilities. Ecuador Dental Care handled my dental work with the utmost quality at a very reasonable cost compared to the USA costs, and I have to say that their work and attitude was vastly superior to other dental work I’ve had done in the USA.

    Suffice to say that if you, like me are searching for a cost effective and professional alternative to over-priced dental work, then look no further than the Ecuador Dental Care facility in Cuenca, Ecuador.

    • Thank you Bruce for your comment. It was very nice working with you and I’m glad you are happy with the results. Our patients satisfaction is our biggest reward. We are always at your service

  10. Jose Acosta says:

    Thank you for your comment, we really apreciate and move us to work everyday better to give our patients the best we can.

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