Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for specific information about our services? Here are answers to the most common questions. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please contact us here.

How far in advance do I need to book my appointment?

While we might be able to get you in sooner, we recommend booking your appointment 7 to 10 days in advance.

How much do your services cost?

The first appointment is FREE of charge for examination. Each procedure in dentistry can vary from one case to another. During your initial appointment we will give you a specific quote for whatever work you require. There are often a number of options for each procedure and we will give you all the cost options.

Our basic treatments have set costs:

  • Deep cleaning (not periodontal procedures): $75
  • Fillings (new or changing old ones): $40 per surface
  • Laser whitening: $270
  • Implants: $805
  • Porcelain crowns, veneers, CAD/CAM crowns: $403-552

If you are looking for specific information, please contact us.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit cards and US bank transfer. If you are wondering about another method, please contact us.

What sets your practice apart?

It is our personal service. We personally attend to all patients or are recommended to specialists, that are part of the team, for specific treatment.

What is involved in changing old fillings? Is it dangerous?

It is a common belief that changing (removing) old fillings is dangerous. Many people are concerned about inhaling, even swallowing, old amalgams (fillings) as they are removed. This isn’t something to be worried about. The mercury that was used to prepare the filling actually forms a new alloy or component (amalgam) with different chemical and physical properties. To reduce the risk of swallowing debris during the procedure, we use a strong vacuum to pick up any debris.

How long will my treatment take?

It really depends on your specific needs. One of the limiting factors is the laboratory time required to produce crowns, bridges, etc. Plan on 1-2 weeks for crowns, veneers and bridges. Implants need 4 to 6 months (osseointegration time) between surgery and rehabilitation.

Do you have a question not answered here? Please contact us, or ask your question in the comment section.


13 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Sam Riley says:

    I will be moving to Cuenca in May 2016. Do you do denture stabilization implants?

    • Hi Sam, yes we do, we used different types and number of implants deppending on the case. we recomend a first visit which is free, to evaluate your case and tell you what your options could be. hope i can help you out

  2. David Kelly says:

    I’m visiting Cuenca mid March of this year and need 1 implant an 12 veeneers . I would like to scheduled time to get work done.Is this a 2 week process?
    Please email me at for confirmation. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi David, the time needed for veneers can be 2 weeks but if you can stay a little longer it is always better. for implants we need one appoitment for the placement then a week after a check up, but then we need to wait 4-6months to lace the crown that goes on otop of the implant because that is the time the bone needs to heal; so you will have to make a nother trip later on. For the appoitment what would be a good date and time for you? we work monday thorugh friday 8am-1pm and 3pm-7pm. Let me know, I will be blad to attend you. Best regards,
      Dr. Pamela Acosta

    • let me know if you received my previous e mail. regards

  3. William Alexander says:

    I would like to book an appointment for cleaning. Thank you William My number is 098-098-7846

  4. Kerry Foley says:

    I will be traveling to Ecuador in January of 2017. I would like to get my teeth whitened, would this be possible and how much is it to get my teeth whitened ?
    From , Kerry

    Voy a viajar a Ecuador en enero de 2017. Me gustaría conseguir mis dientes blanqueados, ¿sería posible y cuánto es conseguir mis dientes blanqueados?
    Desde, Kerry

    • Hi Kerry of course we can help you out. Whitening costs 270 if it is done in one appointment, but first it will be important to check you to see if you are a candidate for the procedure. Let me know if you have any questions I’ll be glad to assist you. Regards

  5. Gabby says:

    Hi I’m goin to be in Ecuador in January I was wondering how long do I need to stay in Ecuador ? wanna get veeners done how long u guys take ? And the price ? Thanks .

    • Hi gabby, for veneers we will need 10 days and each costs 552. Of course we will have to check first if you are q candidate for then and if that is the best option for you. Let me know if I can be of some help. We would love to attend you. Regards

  6. Sandro Diaz says:

    Hello, does your office also provide nitrous gas for patients?


    Sandro Diaz

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