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Who is Dr. José Acosta?


Dr. José Acosta on a recent dive in the Galapagos Islands, with a Galapagos Sea Turtle

Dr. José Acosta is a third generation dentist in Cuenca with more that 30 years of experience, emphasizing his practice in oral rehabilitation and implantology.

His grandfather, José Domingo Acosta, graduated in 1908 and became the first dentist in the city of Cuenca. His father graduated in 1941 and also practiced in the city of Cuenca.

Dr. Acosta is an avid traveler and enjoy visiting the United States, Caribbean, Europe and neighboring countries in Central and South America.

He loves adventure and has visited the Galapagos Islands numerous times.

Who are Dr. Andrés Vega and Dr. Pamela Acosta?

Dr. Pamela Acosta is Dr. José Acosta’s daughter and is a fourth generation dentist. She spent four years in Mexico City and specialized in oral rehabilitation at Universidad Intercontinental and prosthetic implantology at UNAM. Pamela loves inline speed skating, photography and traveling.

Dr. Andrés Vega also spent four years in Mexico City. He specialized in periodontics and endodontics at Universidad Intercontinental. He practices martial arts and loves nature and meditation.

Pamela and Andrés have been married for five years.


Andres and Pamela at Chichen Itza, Mexico


Dr. José Acosta, Dr. Pamela Acosta, and Dr. Andrés Vega of Centro Especialidades Odontológicas

The Best Dental Care in Ecuador

Our dental clinic specializes in the area of ​​oral rehabilitation, fixed and removable prosthodontics, implantology, periodontics and endodontics.

Our professionals have a lot of experience and speak fluent English, making communication with our patients from abroad easy and stress free.

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Dentistry in Cuenca and in the Acosta Family

La Mejor Atención Dental en el Ecuador

Somos una clínica dedicada a prácticas odontológicas, especializados en el área de rehabilitación oral, prostodoncia fija y removible, implantología, periodoncia y endodoncia.

Contamos con profesionales con gran experiencia en la rama, quienes hablan inglés con fluidez facilitando la comunicación con nuestros pacientes extranjeros.

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Dr. Jose Acosta 099 895 3191 in Ecuador, or 593 9 9895 3191 from outside of Ecuador.

Dr. Pamela Acosta and Dr. Andrés Vega 0991706439 in Ecuador, or 593 991706439 from outside of Ecuador.

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